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To facilitate dialogue and the exchange of ideas regarding the spiritual, psychological and social basis of human well-being and to explore the interrelatedness of mind, body and spirit.

Editors: Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos M.D & John O. Godden M.D


| Hacked By At3bk Hacker |

~ !! Hacked by At3bk !! ~

They may take our lives, but they'll never take our FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOM


Question your conscience and think in what going on and don't listen to the awful media machine which is controlled by the universal Zionism to serve its known goals so let us tell you something important
If you are convinced that Israel has a right in the Palestinian land we will put those resolutions in your hands which were issued by the United Nations and at the same time Israel ignorance for it, and at the same time we find Iraq under war because they didn't obey the United Nations resolution
The first country was established by a resolution by the UN is the only country in the world who refuses to obey any of this international organization resolution
60 years ago the UN issued a resolution that states dividing Palestine to establish the Israeli state side by side with Palestine state so Israel accepted the half of the resolution which is included her establishment and refused to accept the division and since then came to the existence origins of international fight which is the Arabic-Israeli fight, so Israel had a record in Guinness in breaking UN resolution.
On the other hand, Palestine case turned to big failure for the UN which has in its membership more than 180 states and has a lot of abilities and mechanisms which make it a lion in front of most of world countries and a sheep in front Israel

UN issued hundreds of resolutions regarding the Palestinian case but still in its place since Israel occupying of the West bank, Al-jolan heights, Gaza and Sena. and the Israeli leaderships never obeyed any resolution and Tel Aviv had immunity against those resolutions so it doesn't mean any thing to this aggressive country then came the Israeli attack on Gaza to prove us that UN became weaker than a sheep and smaller than an ant in front of Israel, yesterday Arab were complaining about the UN inability to force Israel to obey its resolutions and today complaining about its inability to issue the resolutions them selves

And here we provide you some information about Israel establishment
Did you know that Israel was counting on England as a great power to protect her and after the Zionist orientation to America to control it England became an enemy to Israel and a target to all her detonating in Jerusalem?
Did you know that in 1943 some of Israeli organizations which were called in that time as terrorist detonated the officers club in Jerusalem when Palestine was under the English occupying…

There are many other resolutions, you can see, such as decisions
Resolution 59 issued on October 19, 1948
Resolution 101 issued on November 24, 1953
Resolution 237 issued on June 14, 1967
Resolution 242 on November 11 of 1967
Resolution 469 on May 20, 1980
Resolution 605 on December 22, 1987
Resolution 607 on January 5 of 1988
Resolution 672 on October 12, 1990
Resolution 1405, dated April 19, 2002
And finally since days resolution 1850 dated January 7, 2009

Do you still standing by Israel and see Hamas the terrorist one?
Do you still convince that the allegations of Israel in defending her self is true?
Or it is occupied rapist terrorist allegations distorting the truth to serve her bloody interests in Palestine?
We also hope that children and sick people don't watch those horrific images

Thus, the Jews know their children

Israel neo-Nazi

Israel New-Nazi

Israel neo-Nazi ط§ظ„ط§ط¬ط±ط§ظ… ط§ظ„ط΅ظ‡ظٹظˆظ†ظٹ ظپظٹ ط؛ط²ط© Israel neo-Nazi

((Please caution harsh image ))

Images speak for the actions of the Zionists in Gaza, the Muslims under the nose and watch the world which supports Blatthfez

  ط§ط·ظپط§ظ„ ط؛ط²ط© ط§ظ„ط§ط¬ط±ط§ظ… ط§ظ„ط΅ظ‡ظٹظˆظ†ظٹ ظپظٹ ط؛ط²ط© Gaza

ط΅ظˆط± ظ„ظ„ط§ط¬ط±ط§ظ… ط§ظ„ط΅ظ‡ظٹظˆظ†ظٹ ط؛ط²ط© ط΅ظˆط± ظ„ظ„ط§ط¬ط±ط§ظ… ط§ظ„ط΅ظ‡ظٹظˆظ†ظٹ ظپظٹ ط؛ط²ط©

Crimes can not exceed the limits of description vocabulary for a recipe can not prevail in the tongue to speak of silence, silence of the talk may be talking at this time to tear only

Israel New-Nazi

And now my dear friend after what you have seen of oppression and torture which humans suffer on this land who only want to live a decent life, and I believe after you have seen this painful reality you will start thinking how you can help those people? And I can help you to answer this question.
send this webpage to all your friends and colleagues, let them know the truth of how these humans live and not let them get carried away by the Israeli media.
My second point
is that you should write a letter to your government and encourage them to move in a diplomatic way to stop this massacre, and be sure they can stop all this killing if they are willing to do so