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Talking to the unseen world through the Internet has much the feeling as astronomers may have as they beam signals to a distant planet and then sit waiting for a reply. By an electronic "magazine," we hope to continue an effort begun in 1985 to encourage discussion about the foundations of humane health care. The journal Humane Medicine (later called Humane Health Care International) is available in its entirety on this website. We would encourage anyone who has an interest in the human side of health care to review the contents of these numbers, beginning with the profoundly moving paper "Dealing with Anger and Despair in Cancer," by James Wilkes, MD, which began the first number of the first volume. Periodically, we will reprise some of these papers to see whether society's views on such matters as euthanasia have changed significantly since we examined them in the past.

We are now soliciting and will publish on this website original articles, such as "Compassion and Mercy in the Practice of Medicine," by D.G. Oreopoulos, which appears below. By so doing, we will begin the build, via this website and email, a network of kindred spirits, who will support us and one another as we strive to improve the quality of health care. For your part, dear reader, we ask if you share our concern to read what we write, dwell on it, and when you are ready, make your contribution, large or small.

D.G.O. and J.O.G.